'Whaling Scene'
'Whaling Scene'

'Whaling Scene'

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Framed giclée print of a watercolor of a seascape of a whaling scene with hand coloring by Mary Maguire.

Framed behind glass in a handsome and very unusual antique wood frame measuring 18 x 22 inches. The gold notched liner sits about an inch high on top of the walnut frame base.

Please inspect photos carefully and consider that each antique frame has charm (and perhaps imperfections) consistent with age that add to the appeal of the piece.

Note that you may order this artwork as an unframed giclée print at the dimensions you would like. Common standard sizes are 11x14, 16x20 and 18x24. Email or direct message for details.


Image is copyrighted                                         ©2023 by Mary Maguire