'U.S. Keewanas'
'U.S. Keewanas'
'U.S. Keewanas'

'U.S. Keewanas'

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A lithograph of the 19th century ship 'U.S. Keewanas' that circled the globe in 1866 is recreated here as a large giclée print.

In an antique wood frame with a gold liner measuring 18 1/2 x 26 1/2.

Notation on rear of original piece states:

U.S. Navy "Keewanas"!

B.F. Sanborn, Father of

Harry F Sanborn

sailed around the world

on this vessel

about 1866!

Please inspect photos carefully and consider that each antique frame has charm (and perhaps imperfections consistent with age) that add to the appeal of the piece, and note that this is not a Mary Maguire original artwork.